About Faculty of Humanities & Languages

The Department of Humanities and Languages was established by Educounselor to provide education and training in various humanities subjects. The department emphasises both academic and practical application of the subjects, knowledge and skills acquired. The department offers courses directly or indirectly related to languages, social work, library management, and philosophy, as well as various other subjects such as sociology, history, political science, economics, etc.

The structure of the Arts curriculum at Educounselor provides in-depth knowledge of the subjects along with practical know-how delivered through expert guidance, a research and skills-based environment, and the latest IT -enabled learning facilities. Educounselor academics and teachers are committed to excellence in learning and teaching. The management curriculum empowers the candidate with the three Ds -

1. The decision to take the right path

2. The dedication to march with zeal

3. Determination to pass with flying colours

The Department of Humanities and Languages in Educounselor plays an important role in higher education and works to empower students to make a difference with their work in various fields and sectors. It is also dedicated to imparting professional ethics and human values to candidates to help them make decisions and pave paths towards the overall progress of society.


Program : – B.A.

Admission criteria : 10+2 with any Stream

Number of Students : – 960

Duration : – 4 year

Center Fees : – 6000


The Bachelor of Arts is a 3-year degree programme designed for students who want to pursue a career in their chosen field. The programme includes subjects such as business, education, psychology, geography, Hindi, political science, philosophy, mathematics, public administration, sociology, history, English and more. Candidates are also given extensive project assignments and internships to develop and cultivate their analytical thinking to solve practical problems. After the course, candidates can work as account managers, teachers, journalists, social workers, content and feature writers, PR managers, HR and more.



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