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About Faculty of Commerce

The Department of Commerce was established to provide candidates with specialization in the field of commerce, for which there is a constant need for trained professionals. The Department offers training and education in various knowledge areas such as finance, general business, economics, banking, accounting, marketing, etc. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the Department of Commerce not only provide candidates with knowledge in the above-mentioned areas, but also equip them with management skills that will help them assume appropriate responsibilities in their chosen field.

Students are trained in communication skills and computer literacy to enhance their opportunities in the highly competitive market. The college conducts various field projects, case studies and industry visits to provide students with real-life business insights and experience. The college also invites various guest lectures and provides opportunities for students to interact with experts at seminars and conferences organized at national and international levels. All activities organized by the college aim to train students to become qualified professionals.

The Department of Commerce collaborates with several reputed industrial and corporate organizations. The department also organizes various additional courses and activities that add value to the overall education of the students. These courses may be related to various recent changes like digital banking, demonetization, GST, new regulations, etc. The curricula offered by the department are research-oriented to encourage research and in-depth studies in areas such as cooperation, international business, transportation, marketing, finance, labor, e-commerce, business management, etc.

The department's analytical and stimulating environment fosters the development of students' managerial and technical skills that meet the demands of the corporate world.

B. Com

Programme: – B. Com

Eligiblity Criteria : – 10 + 2 with (Science / Commerce)

Number of Students : – 240

Duration : – 4 year

Center Fees : – 6000

Programme Outcome : –

This program could provide well trained professionals for the Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, Warehousing etc., to meet the well trained manpower requirements. The graduates will get hands on experience in various aspects acquiring skills for Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, Over all Administration abilities of the Company.

Programme Specific Outcome : -

Students should have knowledge, skills, and attitudes in specific areas such as taxation, computer application, economics, and finance at the end of the B.com degree program. With this education, they can become managers, accountants, financial consultants, management accountants, cost accountants, bank managers, auditors, company secretaries, teachers, professors, stockbrokers, government employees, etc.
This course aims to provide in-depth knowledge of income tax regulations. Students will be familiarized with the recent changes in income tax.
Skills in the use of computer systems and software used in commerce and business through hands-on assignments, exercises, and demonstrations.
Research skills, including retrieval of information from a variety of business and economic sources.
Students demonstrate the ability to present the results of their observations and research in an objective, technically accurate, and legally acceptable manner. Students appropriately use effective technologies such as PowerPoint, slides, posters, handouts, and slides in oral presentations.
Demonstrate knowledge of economic theory as it relates to markets, business, government policy, and resource allocation, as well as statistical skills necessary to analyze a range of economic, accounting, management, and financial problems.
An awareness of general financial developments in India.

Overview : -

The Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year degree programme divided into 6 semesters, and is currently one of the most popular degree programmes. The programme includes subjects such as statistics, cost accounting, accounting, computers, human resources, management, law, English, economics, finance, marketing and more. Candidates are also given extensive project assignments and case studies to encourage and cultivate their analytical thinking to solve practical problems. After the course, the candidate can work in the fields of event management, accounting, bank clerk, lecturer, human resource development, auditor and more.



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