About Faculty of Hotel Management

Professional education and training in the hospitality industry has become very important for the global hospitality and other service industries today. The hospitality industry will create many new jobs that will require appropriate education and training at all levels in this specialized field of education. Instruction in this specialized field integrates both education and training to create and equip both the supervisory level and entry level through a blend of education and training activities. In this modern field, there is a need for an educated workforce in tourism, hospitality, and hotel management. The basic objectives of these programs are to obtain a certificate for:

Individuals who are employed and wish to improve their qualifications.
Individuals who live in remote areas and hilly terrain where there are not many opportunities to pursue higher education.
Aspirants who want to expand their knowledge through distance learning for various reasons.
Opportunities in tourism and hotel management are available with government tourism agencies as well as in the private sector with travel agencies, civil aviation, tour operators and as freelancers. Self-employment is common in this sector.


Program : – MHM

Admission criteria : BHM

Number of Students : – 30

Duration : – 2 year

Center Fees : – 25000

Programme Outcome : –

During training, you will learn to make effective decisions at the operational and strategic management level of any organization. Get knowledge and skills in such areas as financial management, sales and marketing management, work with staff, the provision of high-quality hotel services, the procedure for receiving and serving guests, business ethics that will certainly help to achieve success in the hospitality industry.

Programme Specific Outcome : -

The Master’s Degree in Hotel Management trains the student in management skills and business leadership, human resources management, internal hotel operational activities, revenue management strategies and strategic planning with the best professionals. The goal is that at the end of this specialized training, the student will be able to develop his professional career with a position as hotel manager or hotel chain manager.

They will receive training in management skills, strategic planning and management, human resources, marketing, excellence in hotel management, and revenue management and financial management. In terms of hotel management, students in the program can develop professionally in any area of management: general management, operations, quality, finance, expansion, marketing and HR, both in the hotel and at the corporate level of hotel chains.

Oerview :-

The facilities proposed under the norms and standards of this programme are intended to provide for the implementation of education and training programmes of long and short duration. The annual demand for trained personnel in the tourism and hospitality sector is huge and the objective is to provide training not only for the hospitality industry but also for various hospitality sectors through standardised curricula. Keeping this in mind, Uttarakhand Open University has introduced academic programmes in tourism, hospitality and hotel management.



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