About Faculty of Agriculture

Agriculture is an essential part of India's economy and livelihood. There are several agricultural engineering schools that offer degrees in agriculture along with other technical and vocational courses. Educounselor is one such agricultural college that offers the degree program under the Faculty of Agriculture and conducts various scientific research and educational activities to promote and disseminate scientifically sound agricultural research and education.

The college has perfectly equipped laboratories to meet the requirements of academic and research activities. The institute uses the latest available technologies in research, teaching and extension to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of each task.

The Department of Agricultural Sciences offers a four-year Bachelor's degree program ( B.Sc. (Hons.)) and a two-year Master's degree program ( M.Sc. (Agriculture)).


Program : – B.Sc. (B.Sc (Micro Biology), B.Sc (Bio Technology)B.Sc (Fashion and Interior))

B.Sc (Fashion and Interior) Number of Students : – 180 

Duration : – 4 year

Center Fees : – 12000

B.Sc (Micro Biology)/B.Sc (Bio Technology)

Number of Students : – 60 

Duration : – 4 year

Center Fees : – 25000

Program : – B.Sc. (Physical Science group – PCM, CS, Honor’s – Phy/ Chem/ Mathematics)

Duration : – 4 years

Admission criteria : 10+2 (For Physical Science group with PCM and for life science group CBZ)

Number of Students : – 120 

Duration : – 4 year

Center Fees : – 10000


Program outcomes : –

  • To develop a scientific mind that is more beneficial to society as scientific developments can keep pace with the rapid growth of the nation.
  • To develop critical thinking and scientific knowledge to record and analyze the results of chemical reactions.
  • To create awareness about the impact and applications of chemistry and physics on the environment in our daily life, society and scientific community in the current scenario.
  • To find a better green way of performing chemical reactions for sustainable development by using modern techniques, advanced equipment and chemistry software.
  • Demonstrate, solve and understand key concepts in all disciplines of chemistry/physics/mathematics and life sciences (CBZ, microbiology, biotechnology, botany/zoology)
    Methodological learning, logic and logical reasoning in biotechnology.
  • Preparing students for outstanding careers in industry, banks, and offices, as well as further academic studies
    The course also provides opportunities to serve in the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force as an officer/Indian Civil Service as IAS, IFS etc.
  • Science graduates can work in industry or opt to set up their own industrial unit.
  • After completion of the course, students have the option to pursue higher studies and do research for the welfare of humanity.

Programme Specific Outcome : -

  • Understanding and learning appropriate techniques, promoting resources and modern technology in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Apply technical and practical knowledge to design experiments, analyze data, observe and interpret data to achieve an appropriate outcome of the experiment.
  • Acquire knowledge of chemistry/physics through theory and practical exercises. To explain nomenclature, stereochemistry, structures, reactivity and mechanism of chemical, physical and biological reactions/ biotechnology/ micro/ zoology & botany.
  • Use modern tools, models, chem-draw, diagrams and equipment in chemistry/ physics/ mathematics/ biotechnology/ micro/ zoology & botany.
  • Know the structure-activity relationship of all scientific structures and designs.
  • Understand good laboratory practices and safety guidelines in various scientific subjects.
  • Develop research oriented skills in various sciences.
    Become familiar with and handle sophisticated instruments/equipment/tools in various laboratories.

Overview : -

The Bachelor of Science degree is a three-year degree programme that includes physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, biotechnology, computer science, and other basic and specialised courses.
After completing the B.Sc. degree, science students have several options open to them. They can pursue a master’s degree in natural sciences, then continue their education through research, and even opt for career-oriented courses.
Students are also directly recruited by major multinationals, drug and pharmaceutical sectors, can apply for respective armed forces, aviation, bank PO and civil services exams, SSC, IFS, UPSC,
State exams, research laboratories, teaching, jobs in higher education, etc



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