About Faculty of Management

Management is an essential part of every organization. The Department of Management at Educounselor was established to enable candidates to influence management practices and connect them to the idea of creating global knowledge. The goal and curriculum of our college are designed to connect the modern practices and theories of management with traditional knowledge and to be a leader in innovation and research in higher education. The curriculum adopted by the College has been developed with the participation of industry leaders and renowned academics who form our Academic Advisory Board.

The structure of the curriculum in the Department of Management provides in-depth knowledge of the subjects along with practical know-how delivered through expert guidance, a research and competency-based environment, and the latest IT -enabled learning facilities. Educounselor academics and teachers are committed to excellence in learning and teaching. The management curriculum empowers the candidate with the three Ds -

1. The decision to take the right path

2. The dedication to march with zeal

3. Determination to pass with flying colors

The Department of Management plays an important role in higher education and works to educate future leaders and managers, enabling them to make a difference with impeccable management in non-business and business settings. It is also dedicated to imparting professional ethics and human values to the candidates to help them make decisions and pave ways towards the overall progress of the society.


Program : – MBA

Duration : – 2 years

Admission criteria : Graduation in any Discipline with 50% (SC/ST 45%)

Number of Students : – 180

Duration : – 2 year

Center Fees : – 18000

Program outcomes : –
Students who earn the MBA degree will be able to:

  • Inculcate a global mindset,
  • Analyse socio-political-economic environment of business organizations,
  • Communicate effectively in different contexts,
  • Develop functional and general management skills,
  • Build and Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills,
  • Evaluate different business problems using analytical ,creative and integrative abilities,
  • Develop ethical thinking

Programme Specific Outcome : -

Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a business, as well as an in-depth understanding of a specialty area such as accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, manufacturing, travel and tourism, human resource management, information systems, agribusiness, retail, and marketing.
Postgraduates with a specialization in Human Resource Management can take on administrative roles in business, industry, offices, and teaching in educational institutions
Postgraduates with a specialization in Financial Management can work in financial institutions, banks, stock exchanges, corporate finance departments, in industry, and in educational institutions.
Postgraduates specializing in marketing management can work in insurance companies, FMCG, retailers, and banks.
Postgraduates specializing in manufacturing can work in industry, AKVN, Nav- ratan Industries and manufacturing units
Postgraduates specializing in IT management can work in companies, industries, offices, financial institutions, banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, FMCG, traders, in the industrial sector, AKVN, Nav- ratan Industries and manufacturing units, and teach in educational institutions.
Postgraduates with a specialization in retail management can work in shopping centers.
Postgraduates with a specialization in Agribusiness Management can work in mandis and in the food industry.
Postgraduates with a specialization in Travel and Tourism can work in travel and tourism agencies.

Overview : -

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular 2-year postgraduate programmes in India. The 2-year course is divided into 4 semesters and provides the candidate with in-depth and practical knowledge in subjects like business planning, production management, travel and tourism, HR management, marketing, management principles, financial management, communication skills, business law, business communication, entrepreneurship, taxation, organisational behaviour, computer application, economics, project work, retail management and business environment. The MBA programme aims to train second and first level managers for both the public and private sectors.



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