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The Department of Computer Science and IT was established keeping in view the growing demand of various industries. IT and the service industry play an important role in the Indian economy, hence our mission is to train the youth for a successful career in this industry. The department offers MCA, BCA, BSC (CS/ IT)). The courses offered DCA and PGDCA are 1-year diploma courses for science, computer science and IT graduates. All courses offered by the Department of Computer Science and IT provide practical skills in addition to all necessary theoretical background and details. The practical skills are taught in line with the emerging trends and changing needs of business and IT industry. These courses provide students with in-depth knowledge of programming methods, software tools, internet techniques, networking and management, etc. The course covers Windows, Linux, C++, DOT NET, Java, Oracle, Internet technology, multimedia, computer graphics, compiler design, database management systems, computer networks and emerging technologies etc.

Students are also required to participate in a major project during their final semester. The department has a well-equipped lab with servers, LCD projector, visual presenter, pen drives, laser printers, DVD burners, etc. We believe that continuous skill improvement and innovation are at the heart of the education system. We provide students with a variety of learning aids and facilities to help them become proactive and competent academic professionals. Students are exposed to practical teaching opportunities and relevant communication skills to help them gain confidence in their abilities. We believe that an academic professional should be willing to change and improve the established conventions of teaching.


Program : – MCA

Admission criteria : BCA

Number of Students : – 60

Duration : – 2 year

Center Fees : – 20000

Programme Outcome : –

The ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice.
The ability to apply mathematical principles, algorithmic principles, and computer science theories in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of the tradeoffs involved in design decisions;
The ability to apply design and development principles in the design of software systems of varying complexity.

Programme Specific Outcome : -

The programme specific outcomes are that students will have developed the following upon completion of the course:

The ability to gather, organise, and critically evaluate information to formulate and solve problems;
Skills in qualitative and quantitative oral and written communication to present essential scientific and technical concepts;
Skills in observation, measurement, and design and implementation of experiments through hands-on laboratory experience;
The ability to show initiative and innovation demonstrated in a major individual project;
The ability to work with others through the development of teamwork skills;
The ability to apply advanced techniques to problems at the frontiers of knowledge;
A range of technical and management skills;
In-depth knowledge and advanced understanding in specialised areas;
An awareness of research methodology.

Oerview :-

MCA is a 2-year postgraduate course designed for students who wish to pursue a career in information technology. The course covers topics such as introduction to programming, software engineering, strategic management, information technology planning and reengineering, network systems, digital logic, database management systems, and more. Candidates are also given extensive project assignments and internships to enhance and cultivate their analytical thinking for solving practical problems. After the course, the candidate can work as a test engineer, maintenance engineer, technical operations analyst, IT analyst, software engineer, network planning manager, application programmer, software engineer and more. The candidate can also pursue higher studies with courses like Ph.D..



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