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What is (Bachelor of Library Science) B.Lib.Sc ?

BLibSc (Bachelor of Library Science) is an undergraduate librarian course designed to give students an understanding of the philosophy of library science, its basic principles, laws as well as social impact. It is one of the most popular Library courses opted by students. Bachelor in Library Science is basically a one-year duration course pursued by students who wish to build their careers in the field of library science.

Students who have completed their graduation from a recognised university and scored at least 50–55 percent overall average in their Bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply. BLibSc programme can be pursued in full-time, part-time, and distance education modes. Library Science is basically a field of study that teaches how to manage books and other materials in a library. Library science is also often referred to as Library and Information Science (LibISc).

Admission to BLibSc is provided on the basis of both merits as well as entrance exams, depending on the policy of the higher education institution to which a candidate is applying.  Some of the popular entrance exams are  SAT, JMI Entrance Exam, IIMC Entrance Exam, JNUEE, AMU Entrance Exam, etc. Students can later pursue MLibSc after completing this programme for higher education and specialisation. The course can be pursued at a cost ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 2 lakh.

What are the Bachelor of Library Science course details?


bachelor’s degree in library science takes two semesters to complete, during which time information about managing and organising the library’s diverse resources is covered in both theoretical and practical sessions.

What is the scope of Bachelor of Library Science?

The BLibSc programme is a one-year undergraduate degree that is divided into two semesters. The course focuses on the management and upkeep of the library’s numerous resources. Most book lovers who wish to learn more about useful resources and information about books pick the BLibSc programme. Students who enrol in this course learn more about book management and consumer demands for recommending various books on various topics.

Students must complete an application and wait for the college to announce the cut-off before proceeding to the librarain course. They will be able to accept admission to the college of their choice if they pass the cut-off. There might also be an entrance exam in some circumstances.

What is the benefit of Bachelor of Library Science course?

  • Students who excel in library science are given the Bachelor of Library Science degree. BLibSc primary goal is to provide training in the fundamental skills needed for each sector to aspirants.
  • Information about the management and organisation of the various library resources is covered in both theoretical and practical sessions. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the many library science resources.
  • The programme is gaining popularity because of the increasing demand for expertise in this industry today. People with knowledge and experience in library management, journal acquisition, and books are in short supply. Those who have experience working in libraries and who appreciate both reading and caring for books should choose slower positions like these.



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